Chic New Ways to Wear Stripes


Stripes don’t seem to ever go out of style, and there are several fresh ways to integrate them into your spring wardrobe that will surely have staying power come summer. From mixing in striped accessories, like purses and flowy scarves, to add pop to your outfit, to letting them do the walking on your new sandals, we have rounded up some of our favorites. Come see our picks, how to wear them, and which local brands we love.

5 Ways to Wear Stripes

stripes amour vert

1. Keep it Classic: You can never go wrong with classic, striped t-shirt styles in various colors. We love these pieces from Amour Vert, who cut their fabric in…Oakland! Plus, they are a socially conscious company and use 100% organic cotton. For every piece they sell, they plant a tree in North America with their partner,  American Forests.

stripe wrap dress

2. Wrap Yourself: Local brand, Modern Citizen, out of San Francisco is carrying this super cute wrap dress that is perfect to wear over white jeans, with cut-off jean shorts, or on its own!

spring stripes

3. Be a Boss in a Blouse: Head to work in an unexpected power suit comprised of a modern take on the ol’ blouse and trousers combo. Start with cropped trousers and then add a barely-cropped blouse with bell sleeves. We adore the details on this Cropped Poplin Blouse, and it’s only $68!

stripe pants

4. Double Down: Wear stripes on your pants and your top. Doubling down on stripes in on outfit is a playful way to jump into spring, and vacation. We love these Cover Up Culottes from Madewell.

stripe jacket spring

5. Layer: This light Linen Cropped Trench Coat from J.Crew is perfect for cooler spring days over a simple tank top, or take it to the beach to protect your shoulders from the sun this summer. Head to J.Crew’s East Bay store on Bay St in Emeryville.

Some other styles we’re loving? You can’t go wrong with a striped accessory like a clutch or Italian neck scarf. Slip on sandals and let the stripes do the walking, or go bold on the beach with a striped one-piece swimsuit!


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