The Best French Antique Store in the East Bay


If you’re looking for the best french antique store in the East Bay, look no further. Housed in a huge warehouse in Concord, Elsie Green is full to the brim with beautiful antiques hand-selected in France and Morocco. You could easily treasure hunt for hours here, sifting through old postcards, dishes, silver spoons, coffee canisters and vases, wicker chairs, rustic benches and weathered mirrors. It’s a fun destination spot to spend an afternoon with a friend who enjoys decorating their home just as much as you do! Come take a photo tour of some of the special antiques there, and start planning how to incorporate these treasures into your home.

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This isn’t even the lot of it! So be prepared to do a little damage in the store, and don’t miss the room devoted to antique linens. Even better, if there’s something you love and have no idea what to do with it, there is a meaningful story behind every piece that the Elsie Green team is eager to tell. They’ll share how it was originally used, where it’s from, and are full of design ideas to help you figure out how to display it in your home.


Elsie Green is open Monday-Saturday between 9-4 at 2954 Treat Blvd., Suite C in Concord.

You can also find Elsie Green once a month at the Alameda Antique Fair!

Original photography for 24 East by Lauren Andersen.


  • The best store ever! I discovered Laurie and JP at Alameda and have been a fan since then. I have many incredible treasures from their shop. A must visit!

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