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Starting a blog takes a lot of courage and passion, and what they often don’t tell you, is that it also takes a lot of hard work. How to start a blog, how to find your niche in blogging, how to write a blog post people will want to read — these are all things that most bloggers have struggled with, at one point or another, and the Bloguettes knew exactly what to do about it. Bloguettes provides training and tools via workshops online, and in person, to help bloggers maximize and strengthen their brand. They’re chock full of great resources, articles and inspiration. As a newbie to the blogging world, it was treat to sit down for an exclusive interview with Bloguettes founders, Lorena and Sakura, and soak up their blogging advice on how to keep content fresh, what advice they give to be beginning bloggers and how to run a small business.


What inspired you to start Bloguettes? 

Lorena: We wanted a place where bloggers and entrepreneurs could learn all about branding, understand who they were as a brand or business, and learn best practices to stand out. We wanted to create an environment that could be inspiring as well as fun! Sakura and I were both trying to figure all this out with previous businesses on our own and it was just such a lonely road.

Sakura: Lorena and I both had learned so much on our own through our businesses with numerous mistakes, trial & error, and a lot of wasted time. We didn’t want others to go through the same thing, so we decided to provide a workshop that taught them everything they needed to know about having a successful business in today’s world—ya know, branding, social media, & standing out from the crowd! Lorena and I originally saw Bloguettes as a side thing where we hosted a workshop once a month, but it turned into so much more than that!


What challenges do you see are the most common for bloggers?

Lorena: One of the most common challenges that we see for Bloggers is to stay consistent! EVERYONE can start a blog but not everyone can commit and maintain it. Mostly everyone starts with an amazing attitude but those that stand out are the ones that are consistent, love what they do, and have a passion to keep it going!

Sakura: Where do I begin?! Let’s just say, it’s a lot harder than people think and you should really educate yourself with the technical & business aspects of blogging!

How do you keep your content fresh?

Lorena: We really try to be aware of what our audience is interested in and reflect our content based on that! We are constantly on social media listening to what people want.

Sakura: Being true to who you are and writing about things you have a passion for. Once it becomes a routine or a chore, that’s when the heart isn’t in it and it’s pretty clear to your readers!

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What’s the most challenging thing about running Bloguettes?

Lorena: There are a lot of challenges running a small business like Bloguettes but I would say one of the main ones is finding the right people to be part of your team. You want people that can perform their designated duties but also that fit into your company culture. At Bloguettes our team is everything without them we would be nowhere.

Sakura: Though it is the most rewarding thing, being the brand of Bloguettes becomes really tough for Lorena and I because it’s hard to step away from work and not be so hands-on with each girl & department. I do think that is the success of our business, but being the boss means we work 24/7!


I often meet people who want to start a blog and don’t know where to begin. What advice would you give them?

Lorena: Our advice would be to first understand who you are and what you want to represent as a brand. This is what will help you find your niche. You need to have a concrete idea of what you want to blog about and the content you want to put out there. This should be done  before you start because if not it’s going to take a while for you to find an audience. Also, set goals from the beginning and take this as serious as any other business start up and try to remember it’s a business as well as hobby!

Sakura: Do your research! Take some time to figure out what you like & what you don’t like about other blogs—everything from their blog design, photography style, voice, etc. This will help you really have a clear definition on your brand and how to move forward.

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