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Oakland’s historic 16th Street Station was instrumental in the city’s development as a transportation hub, and has been the backdrop for movies (Funny Lady with Barbara Streisand and 2004’s RENT), plus more recently, the Mumford and Sons’ music video, Babel.  Oh, and you may also recognize it as the backdrop for E-40’s (East Bay native) Beats commercial featuring a local guy named Draymond Green (works in the East Bay).  Keep an eye out for some guest appearances in the video! This month, it is home to the Opera at the Station Festival. Take a gorgeous photo tour by Oakland resident and photographer, Lauren Edith Andersen, who counts this amazing building as a neighbor. Enjoy!

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How beautiful is this local, ornate gem?? The textures, details and colors are so stunning, it inspired me to roundup my favorite accessories in it’s pale pink, rusty red and warm neutral color palette. Wear one of these classic, cool pieces on your next visit to the station — you’ll be dressed color-coordinated for the occasion! Click on the links below to shop.


1. Blush, 2. Flats, 3. Sunnies, 4. Clutch, 5. Nail Polish, 6. Lipstick, 7. Hat

Can you imagine how spectacular it must be to experience an opera performance inside the station’s crumbling walls? Don’t miss out on your chance to reserve your seat here. Performances start on July 30th and run through August 14th. 3 different operas will be performed, so see one or see them all!

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Another one of my favorite summer styles is right here.


About the photographer:

Lauren Edith Andersen is a graduate of the Pratt Institute fine art photography program, and has been capturing interiors and portraits in the Bay Area for over 5 years. She is continually inspired by the wild imaginations and careful considerations found in the spaces that define us. Lauren built her career on experiences living and working in Brooklyn and India and traversing the world, evolving her sense of personal expression through form and function. She also donates her time and work to the National Parks Conservancy and Habitat for Humanity Greater Bay Area. A soon to be mother, Lauren lives in West Oakland with her husband and Pomeranian in the space she cherishes most, home.

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