A Ceramicist’s New California-Inspired Line


After moving to the East Bay two years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ceramicist Amy Hamley has been working hard in her Oakland studio reinventing her brand and her craft and perfecting it to represent something she is extremely proud to introduce to the world. You may recognize Amy from her work under her previous business name, redraven studios. While she found a way to make her dream career a reality, after years of success, she decided to rebrand and launch a collection that stayed true to her personal style and design perspective. Today, we’re thrilled to re-introduce you to Amy and her amazing California-inspired line!

170425-RR-2017-COLLECTION7560 170425-RR-2017-COLLECTION7637

It’s fair to say that Amy’s work stopped us in our tracks. Each piece from the collection is made by Amy herself of heirloom quality porcelain and meant to be used everyday. The plates and bowls and dishes can blend perfectly into any home in their simple color palette of satin white, black, blush and speckle. So naturally, we were curious to learn more about Amy’s process, inspiration and focus. Here’s what she had to say:

AH: When designing the new collection, it was important to me that I stayed true to my personal style. It’s easy to get lost in trends and from a product design perspective; what you think will sell. With this line, I really focused on what I love personally and hopefully others will love it also!

170425-RR-2017-COLLECTION7247-H 170425-RR-2017-COLLECTION7489

AH: My new glaze palette is a subtle nod to California’s coastal mountains, local flora, and the blush rock of the desert floor. I really wanted to capture the soft hues of California’s landscapes.  Moving to California in general has really changed not only the way I think about my work, but the way I actually work. The move had been a long term goal since I was very young, but nothing could have prepared me for how wonderful it’s been. From the breathtaking views, to the fresh food, to every micro community in the Bay Area, there is something new to experience everyday. The magic of this area is never lost on me.

170425-RR-2017-COLLECTION7627 170425-RR-2017-COLLECTION7806

AH: For the past 18 months, I have been developing an entirely new body of work that truly reflects who I am, and I am so proud of it. It represents the quiet simplicity of my home and how I live day to day. I always felt like there was a layer of fog over discussion surrounding my work because of my old business name (redraven studios), but now I can focus on talking about it with clarity and confidence. Also, that this didn’t happen overnight!  This rebrand and new line have been two years in the making. I would tell someone looking to rebrand to really take the time to think about exactly what it is that they want to put out into the world, when to to do it, and who they want to do it with. Make a plan, write it down, then make it happen!


You can see and shop more of Amy’s work here!


Photos c/o Amy Hamley.

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