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In the East Bay, there are many coffee shops around every corner. But it is the small coffee shoplettes sprouting up all over Oakland that count us as fans. With a local, neighborhood vibe and impeccable, and slick decor, each tiny shop feels unique and exciting. Serving carefully selected brews, delicious pour overs, and locally-made treats, each of these coffee shops will keep you going back. They may be small in size, but their coffee and ambiance is mighty. So step inside the cutest Oakland coffee shoplettes to get your day off to a big start!

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The CRO Cafe: Named after the initials of owner Luigi Oldani’s daughter, CRO Cafe on Telegraph Alley serves up silky smooth espresso drinks using Bay Area favorites: Wrecking Ball Roasters and Sightglass beans. Drinks come in pretty jade green cups, ready to be Instagrammed and enjoyed while people watching in Oakland’s trendiest alley street.

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Open Coffee: One of downtown Oakland’s newest additions, Open Coffee serves the East Bay’s very own Highwire coffee, in a bright and airy setting. The vibe is eclectic and young at heart. Colorful skateboards line the walls, records are waiting to be played and delicious treats are ready to be devoured.

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Coloso: Popular amongst coffee lovers, Coloso has lead the way on it’s fast-changing block in Uptown Oakland. With a rotation of roasts, currently Heart from Portland, Coloso fans boast this shop as the best place for an espresso drink. You can buy a bag of beans to take home, but we can guarantee you can’t stay away.

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Snow White Coffee Bar: Recently opened on Piedmont, Snow White is not only serving up nitro cold brew (a rarity and quite a treat on a warm day!), but also bringing a minimalist and clean aesthetic to the old-school area. With the newest Kaiser addition introduced to the area a few years ago, it was only a matter of time before the neighborhood got a few more upgrades!

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Subrosa Coffee: In a fun, up and coming neighborhood filled with delicious restaurants, Subrosa Coffee should certainly be on your list of coffee shops to visit in Oakland. With a handful of artistic benches and tiny tables outside, Subrosa is often the life of the block. Hosting regular pop-up shops and offering Berkeley’s Pepples vegan donuts are just a few reasons why we love them.

Which one of these lovely coffee shoplettes will you be headed to on your next coffee run?

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Photos by Chloe List.




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