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On several levels, this year has been full of beauty, contradictions, transitions, emotional pain, and welcomed growth. When I set out to start 24 East, I wanted to create a platform to share the stories of people working, creating, living, and loving the area that has been so special to me for my entire life. Never did I realize that in such a short amount of time, the people that I have met would have such a profound impact not only on this site, but in inspiring me as well. We are still in our first year since launching, and in giving me their words, often at times before the blog was even live, these leaders in business, design, journalism and more, gave me their precious trust. They shared their passions, their self-doubts, and career milestones. They shared their chosen warm-up songs if they were professional athletes (!), challenges, and what they love about this vibrant and unparalleled community. They met me at local coffee shops and welcomed me into their corporate headquarters. Thank you for gracing me with your trust and your precious time…because time, is perhaps one of our only true luxuries. Please keep reading to enjoy my favorites quotes of the year from this community. May 2017 bring you serenity, exuberant joy, boundless creativity, and countless times laughing uncontrollably with those you cherish and love.


Author, Psychotherapist, Activist, Endurance Athlete, Oakland Native


Living with a condition that is causing me to go deaf and blind can be incredibly overwhelming at times. I am losing my vision and my hearing and I have no control over it. This naturally could make me feel very disempowered. For this reason, I remain as physically active as I can because it allows me to feel like I am taking the control back in some way. Despite having Usher Syndrome, I am still able to maintain the overall strength of my body which feels very empowering.


Editor-in-Chief, Sunset Magazine


Sunset turns 118 years old this year, which is amazing. It is such an honor to even work here. It’s an honor but it’s a huge responsibility. My dream for it would be to have it go out into the world and be beloved for the next 118 years, and reach this new audience. And have women like you and your friends reading it and devouring it. I just want to make sure it continues, and that it’s as visible and as relevant and as beloved as it has been this whole time.


Author and Culinary Director, Williams-Sonoma


I think this is something that every mother says: fitting it all in. It is challenging because I commute too, so when you think about all that time you’re in the car or on BART, it’s kind of crazy. So I think you’re always strained. I’m always feeling like I’m not getting everything done well. When I look, especially at parenting, I’ve had to really re-examine how I do things, and then make my time with them really count.  So that when I’m home, I’m home and I’m present.


Owner, Dailey Method Piedmont Studio


Alignment goes beyond just strength training. We strive to help align the mind, body and spirit. It’s awesome to have great posture and strong muscles, but just as important to tend to your heart and soul.


Interior Designer and Business Owner

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I value history and persistence. I value friends a lot because I am just someone who needs support. Surround yourself with history, go deep. Try to get at least a glimpse of every aspect of the industry. Find out what the accountant does, what goes into the process of making a website or brand collateral, what a business consultant offers. Our industry is tactile so find out about materials, how the manufacturers fabricate your end product, what they need from you to get there, then what your subcontractors are specialists in. You will be surprised at their crafts! How editors perceive your industry so they can write about it, how your PR team works, what makes your boss tick. All that.


Chief Financial Officer, Golden State Warriors


Everyone laughs because I get involved in everything here. That is the nature of how I like to do finance. Everything translates to a number. Everything. I just think it’s really important to know the business that you’re in and the environment in which the business takes place. It makes you a better business person. The more intellectually curious you are, the better business person you become. Being able to translate things in layman’s language so that not everyone understands finance, not everyone understands accounting, but to be able to distill business to a language that other people can understand makes you that much more influential.


Program Director, Coach Arts

coach art Molly Professional

I like everything about working here. The first Friday of every month we start hearing the buzz, and the whole art community is outside our door. The Warriors won and the parade went by our office. People are so active in this community, we love looking out the window and hearing protests, hearing people speak up for what they believe in. So I really feel like there’s no better place to do this work than a place like Oakland. I feel like people are out of their houses, people are in the community. They want to interact. Every time I’m on the elevator people are striking up conversations with me. I’ve heard that word community used a lot but it’s real here.


Founder and Owner, We the Minis


The idea of kids going to bed hungry at night has always bothered me deeply. So when I discovered Hamilton, their slogan, “Because every kid deserves a home,” really spoke to me. They work so hard to help families, many of them single mothers or multi-generational families, get off the streets and into a better place out of constant homelessness. Not many of us know what it’s like to not know where you’re going to eat or sleep at night, and these are people who feel that constantly. That is why if I’m making a bit of money, I’ve got to give some to help. [We The Minis donates 5% of all profits to the Hamilton Family House]. 


Founder and Editor-in-Chief, BUNCH Magazine 


UC Berkeley was my dream school and I remember the moment I got in like it was yesterday. The entire experience truly shaped who I am today. I promise you there is no place on earth like the East Bay. The diversity is unmatched, the culture is thriving and everyone is fiercely protective of the city and each other. I’m an LA native and you all don’t love us that much, but that’s okay because I love you! The reality is that the Bay is different from Southern California and I appreciate the differences.


Founder and Designer, Rowan Made (24 East’s graphic and site designer


I think it’s natural for any creative to grow and evolve in their work over the years. I’ve personally noticed that although my tastes have always leaned towards modern simplicity, my approach and style have become refined over time. This is definitely apparent when I look back on work from 5 or even 3 years ago. But that’s what happens, and I’m excited to experience how it grows or changes in the years to come as well! [see more of her work at Rowan Made].


Creative Director, Lucy Activewear


We literally turned the development and manufacturing processes on its head, and approached Lucy IndiGO from a completely different angle.  Although it was difficult to explain at times, it all made logical sense as we made each decision.  The puzzle pieces came together like magic because we all believed in one vision, one dream: to help women break down barriers in their lives.


Happy New Year.


Hero image by Lauren Edith Andersen

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