Found Hits Emeryville with Vintage Style


There are many cool, industrial-chic warehouses in Emeryville that are home to boutique marketing firms, artists, and a variety of businesses, but in 14,000 square feet of soaring goodness, Found Rentals has landed their new Northern California home. What started as a 100-piece personal collection of curated finds to rent out for any occasion, largely weddings, Found’s owners Jeni and Joel Maus have built a thriving business for those wanting that special, unique something on their special day. Come take a peek inside at their treasure trove and even if you don’t have an occasion on the horizon, you’ll want to invent one after visiting.


We asked Jeni her thougths:

On Being in Emeryville: It is the perfect location between the city and Wine Country. Since we service a lot of jobs in both areas, as well as everywhere in between, we have found Emeryville to be a central location for distributing as well as meeting with clients. When searching for the perfect spot, it was important to find a warehouse and showroom that was consistent with our brand, and the aesthetics of both spaces pair so perfectly with our brand.

DSC_4168 JEM_1180

What Guides Her Picks: I follow home decor trends emphatically and I pull inspiration from the design world to curate pieces that provide a cozy and comfortable event environment.

JEM_1121 EMP_6078 EMP_8589

On Party Themes: I think that so many people think of vintage as being “rustic” and although we have plenty of pieces that fit that description, we have just as many that are just about the farthest thing from rustic. I would love to showcase the elegance of vintage pieces and the ability our pieces have to accommodate just about any event design. We try to stay away from any sort of “theme” as I think it narrows the ability to be creative. Themes sound one sided….design is multifaceted.



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For more on Found Rentals, go here.

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