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For Jeanne Chan and Gloria Wong Tritasavit, elevated partyware is a family affair. These two cousins, mom-bossess, and entrepreneurs just launched Harlow & Grey, a San Francisco-based company dedicated to making entertaining easy, refined, and fun. They aim to make good design accessible and with their backgrounds, Jeanne is a lifestyle blogger who started Shop Sweet Things, and Gloria has her own design and consulting firm, Gloria Wong Design, they have the experience to know how to make any party better. I was thrilled to interview them just as they launched, and am inspired by their creativity and dedication. I learned about what it is like to work with your cousin, why they introduced a fun shaped plate into the mix, and what Justin Timberlake would be doing at their party. Read on and enjoy.

Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Jeanne Chan and Gloria Wong Tritasavit

Jeanne Chan and Gloria Wong Tritasavit

24 East: You are cousins with a curated sense of style! When did the idea of starting Harlow & Grey come about?

JC: It started about 2 years ago when Gloria asked me to partner with her on a new partyware company. At the time, I was also looking to start a product-based business outside of my lifestyle blog so the timing was just right. We both share very similar taste and style and we offer very different skill sets to the business, so it just clicked.

Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Tablescape and Garland

24E: What is the inspiration behind the name, Harlow & Grey?

GWT: When Jeanne and I started hashing out plans for our new joint venture, we jokingly said that it was like having another baby. All the work. All the love. I asked Jeanne what she would name her baby if she were to have another. Jeanne, whose daughters’ names are Hayden and Hadley, obviously is a fan of names that begin with the letter “H.” She said “Harlow.” As for me, I often dress my family of five in neutrals, and my favorite color happens to be Pantone Warm Grey 8. I said I would name my next baby “Grey.” And there it was. And there it stuck. This labor of love we call “Harlow & Grey.”

24E:  I love anything with pink and gold, a lot of us do! Was that combo on deck from the beginning?

JC:  Yes, no doubt about that! Since Gloria came from event design, I think she knew from the start that this would be a very popular combo. Even for someone who is shy from pink, the nude blush is a neutral in our books.

Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Tablescape Close Up

24E: Tell me about the hexagon plates! Was there ever a version that was round, or was it always go hex or go home?

GWT: Hexagon is my favorite shape! It was always hex! The Goddess design wouldn’t convey the same elevated feel in any other shape.

Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Dessert Table

24E: Did you both go to summer camp together? I am wondering about the inspiration behind your Modern Camp Collection?

JC: We spent a lot of summers together, but we didn’t actually go to any camps together. The Modern Camp Collection was inspired by Gloria’s theme for her twin’s birthday party. It’s all about surviving her first year as a mother and you can read all about it on 100 Layer Cakelet.

Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Kids Party Tablescape and Desserts

24E: Who are your style icons?

GWT: Jenna Lyons, Kate Moss

JC: Jenna Lyons, Alexa Chung, Linda Rodin

24E: Is there anything particularly challenging about working with family? What are the pluses?

JC: I don’t think we have any major challenges yet. When we have our differences, we’re still pretty respectful and honest with each other. If anything, the challenge is that we’re probably talking a bit too much about our business when we’re spending family time together. The plus side is that it’s really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of that I know I can trust.

24E:  I cannot wait until your Goddess Collection Kit comes out! Why is it important for Harlow & Grey to have kits?

GWT: As working moms, Jeanne and I know the value of time management! We know that there are many hosts who love to DIY and pull together partyware from different brands. Which is great! But on the flip side, there are also many people who just don’t have the time or energy to make or source decor. Yet, they want a nicely styled party. We wanted to offer the latter group the convenience of having all the party essentials at their fingertips. Just with a push of a button, they can order a kit that includes meal plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, forks, a table cover, and a decorative garland.

24E: My blog focuses largely on the East Bay, but I believe in One Bay Love and showcasing amazing work that is beyond East. What do you love that is in the East Bay?

JC: I love that the East Bay has it’s own culture and identity. There are so many new shops and restaurants on the rise that are so different from SF. I’m actually dying to make a trip to see the new Berkeley Art Museum, it looks so modern and stunning!

24E: If you could plan any type of party, what kind of party would it be and who would you invite? Set the stage…

GWT: I’m an event designer by trade, so I love dreaming up different parties! My 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up. I’d love to host a daytime picnic in a garden. I would have ecru linen blankets and metallic gold throw pillows scattered on grass. Above would be an arbor made of birch poles, wispy green foliage and long strands of white wisteria hanging. We would of course be using our Goddess plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery. My husband and son would be in black tuxes with skinny neckties. My daughters and I would be running around in floral crowns and long silk chiffon dresses. Yes, I know I said this is a daytime event! Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake would be singing live, and all my friends and relatives would have the best time. A girl can dream, right?

Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Congrats! Cake Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Kids Party Decor Harlow & Grey Partyware With Stunning Style: Partyware Close Up

For more information on the amazing Harlow & Grey, go here.

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Harlow & Grey.


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