Thanksgiving Veggie Dishes To Impress Guests


In our household, every year for Thanksgiving we strive to find the balance between traditional and heartwarming recipes and offering healthier, new options to the cornucopia of food. With Pinterest at our fingertips, it makes finding exciting new recipes a breeze. If you’re looking for a vegetable dish to add to your Thanksgiving menu, we have three veggie-based sides that will have your guests more than impressed. We suggest adding them to your grocery list now and making a run to the store this weekend before the mad dash come Wednesday afternoon!

This Quinoa & Kale Protein Salad is packed with healthy ingredients. With garbanzo beans and mint, pistachios and citrus, this salad has bright and intense flavors. The colors from the pomegranate seeds and bright orange slices will add beauty to your Thanksgiving spread and the idea of a fresh salad is a great way to offer guests a healthier and tastier side on their plate!


If you have vegans or celiacs dining at your table, these Vegan Pumpkin and Ricotta Raviolis are a special and unexpected seasonal dish to prepare for Thanksgiving. They’re just as heart warming and filling as other traditional sides, and sure to be a family favorite — because who can pass up homemade pasta?


There’s no better way to lighten up a heavy meal than with perfectly steamed veggies and this side with citrus and macadamia dressing is a flavorful way to get a variety on the table in one fell swoop. Instead of asparagus, we’ll try swapping in zucchini strips for a more seasonal adaptation!


What are some of your favorite simple and healthy vegetable dishes to prepare for Thanksgiving?


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