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We fell in love with Regan Baker’s designs the minute we saw how she seamlessly creates spaces that are contemporary, clean, functional, and chic. What also stands out to us is that not only does this Bay Area designer install more permanent features like stylish cabinetry, she also has an eye for creating vignettes throughout a home so that everywhere you turn, a scene of unfussy elegance makes its way into your vision. Whether it be a book shelf balanced appropriately with mass and color, or a console made complete with flowers at just the right height, we had to know some of her design tips. Come see some of her gorgeous rooms, find out what her favorite decor items are, and what she thinks every room always needs!

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24E: What is your design philosophy for styling vignettes?

Regan Baker: When it comes to styling vignettes, we believe that like art, interest comes with landscaping heights and balancing color. Vignettes showcase how the different elements of an environment—walls, ceilings, floors and future—evoke a feeling in the space.

24E: What décor item does every console have to have?

RB: Every console needs something to add height! We love using a fun vase with flowers or a sculptural item. Artwork or mirrors always work well above a console as they your eye up and add color and texture. For entry consoles, we love styling with baskets to store (and hide) everyday items.

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24E: What are your top five décor items to have right now?

RB: 1. Baskets – they come in so many different shapes, sizes, textures and colors and are super functional!

2. Plants – fresh plants bring a fun and live energy to a home, especially when they have good plant parents

3. Something quirky like an unexpected trinket (e.g., a vase that’s an unexpected shape or a trinket that’s a weird animal)

4. Mirrors – it’s nice to add a shiny reflective surface – something that adds interest (e.g., a mirrored tray or a mirror on the wall or a triangle mirror that’s more like art); It adds a layer of elegance and dressiness without being fussy. For example, you can have a boho mirror or rustic and tribal mirror and it still dresses the space up.

5. Books – Adds texture, color and reflects our clients’ personalities and interests, which makes the space more personal

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24E: How do you feel about using bold colors?

RB: At Regan Baker Design, we never shy away from using bold colors. Most clients are drawn to neutrals, but it’s always fun to add bold colors for an element of surprise. Bold colors make a space more personal as they’re generally a hue the homeowner really loves and therefore reflects their personality. Colors draw people in. For example, the wallpaper in our office is a colorful print that is always a talking point to start the conversation with new clients.

24E: What is something you love where form outweighs functionality, but you’re not willing to give it up?

RB: Fresh flowers! They can be hard to keep up with but are always worth it. They will brighten your mood and change the tone of any room.

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Images courtesy of Regan Baker Design


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