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This past Saturday was joyfully overwhelming, Sunday was the decompression phase, and now is the somber withdrawal. Where are the 500+ influencers, bloggers, and creatives that descended upon DTLA and Hudson Loft this past weekend for the Create & Cultivate Conference? It was a life-changing, jam-packed day of inspiration and fun put on by the unparalleled team at Create & Cultivate, a conference series and online platform for women entrepreneurs.  Founded by Jacyln Johnson, the conference brings together creatives in the digital space to learn more about brand building, networking, and running your own business. As if that wasn’t enough, Jaclyn is also the founder of (NO SUBJECT), a super successful marketing and influencer agency. I am not sure who else can pull off getting panelists and speakers like Rachel Zoe, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Meyer, Jessica Alba, Hilary Sloan, Taylor Sterling, Andy Torres, Katherine Power, Hillary Kerr, Chriselle Kim (and so many more!) at one event. Here is my Top Five List for How to Survive Your First Create & Cultivate Conference. If you have any twinkle in your eye of going…GO! It was the best conference I’ve ever been to and I can’t wait for the next one.

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01. Be the First to Reach Out: Most of us are nervous going in, especially if you don’t know what to expect. People show those feelings in different ways: hiding behind a phone, being defensive, sitting alone, etc. Be the first one in a given situation to say hello while standing in line, when you sit down next to a stranger, or walking together down a stairway. It will defuse your own nervousness too.

02. Tell Someone You Admire Their Work: You may have 500 Instagram followers and you run into someone who has 300,000. Don’t be afraid to tell them you like their content, the business they have built, or what they stand for. Everyone likes to hear it and take an opportunity to learn from what they have to say.


Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor


Laurel and Wolf



03. Logistics Tip…Bring an Empty Tote: Aside from world-class panels, Create & Cultivate brings in companies (like Minted, the Iconery, Laurel and Wolf, Gorjana, and Framebridge) with products you’ll want to take home. So bring an empty tote. That doesn’t even include the conference swag bag you’ll get before you leave that will make Oscar-goers jealous.

04. Write Down Your Favorite Quotes From the Day: There are so many. Write them down and refer back when you have a day that isn’t going well or making you feel boss-worthy. From Rachel Zoe: (on taking the high road) You have to believe that good people win in the end. From Chelsea Handler: Be the biggest part of your personality. Lean in to who you are.

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Laurel and Wolf

05. Erase “Should” From your Vocabulary. The only “right” way to do this conference, is doing it happily and with an open mind. Don’t worry about navigating the day in a strict manner by feeling like you “should” go to this or that. Some of the most interesting and fun conversations I had were with the ladies from Nike while waiting for Chelsea Handler, or with the ladies of Shop Style in the Beauty Room. The only thing that matters is if you are having fun and doing it in a way that is best for you.


My table design submission at Minted




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